Phil Behan is a photojournalist and community environmentalist. Phil has worked on contracts for several major UN agencies over the past 6 years. The majority of Phil’s work has been concerned the movements of communities and integration.

Phil’s work has also been widely exhibited around the world with 2 solo exhibitions in Ireland and China. His first solo exhibition entitled ”The Karen of Mayo” was exhibited in Photo Ireland Festival 2012, and his second exhibition entitled ”57 Days across China” was exhibited in the Qijang Park gallery in Zhongshan City. In June 2017, an image of Phil’s from Nepal was selected to be part of this years Print Swap competition held by the online photography magazine Feature shoot.

Publications include; Feature Shoot, The Printswap, BBC In Pictures, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, Irish Times, Tumblr, Mary Robinson Foundation, UNHCR, UNDP, WaterAid, World Food Programme, Unicef, Irish Aid, Limerick Leader, New Times Moscow, Norwegian Refugee Council, MERIP Magazine, Photo Festival Ireland, Overseas Development Institute, World Vision, South China Morning Post, Transterra Media, Lonely Planet, OCHA, Washington Diplomat, USAid, Global Daily and The Department Of Foreign Affairs Ireland.

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