Environmental Action

Beach and park Cleans up in Dublin North East Region

This is a page for my personal involvement in community groups and environmental based actions around Dollymount Beach, St Anne’s park and Howth on the Northside of Dublin City. There are currently several active groups located in Dublin North dedicated to preserving the beaches of Dublin’s North East coastal region but none yet to cover St Anne’s Park .These groups can be accessed on the links below. I also run my own clean ups on the far end of Dollymount Beach so please Contact me if you’d like to join in.

1: Bull Island Action Group – offering monthly cleans up on Dollymount beach. Please Contact me if you wish to be added to their mailing list for future clean ups.

2: Seastainble Group – offering beach clean ups and other activities located around North Dublin.

Dollymount Beach is an outstanding place and important nature reserve. In a city of over 1 million people, Dubliners are very fortunate to such a beautiful beach literally on their doorstep. However, in recent times the beach has become neglected and plastics are littering many different areas of this important nature reserve and recreational area.

With a little effort and community involvement, this can be changed. Joining a regular clean up can help reduce the litter and stop plastics flowing back into our seas.

You can also report issues on the links below:

1: Fix my Street

2: See it, say it (APP)

These pictures below are all taken on my Phone on my regular clean ups on the beach.


Bull Island Clean Up

Truck Tyre in the water along the causeway at Dollymount Beach. A recent clean up of this area in February 2019 by the Bull Island Action Group removed over 40 bags of plastic waste. The area had not been cleaned for years by Dublin City Council. 


Plastic litter is everywhere on Dublin’s Northside region and ruining our parks and wildlife. Little or no action is being taken to address the issue. Report litter here and join a local community clean up group to help our environment. 


I led my first beach clean with the Bull Island action Group. Above is some of the rubbish taken away last Saturday Nov 17th 2018.


Plastic Beach

Before a clean up.

Clontarf Causeway Clean up

After a Clean up.

40 bags of plastic removed from Dollymount Causeway in Feb 2019 by the Bull Island Action Group.

Cotton Buds

Plastic sticks from cotton buds collected on a Clean Up on Dollymount in Oct 2018.

Dollymount Clean Up

After nearly 1 year of complaining to Dublin City Council, they have finally made a commitment to digging out the remaining plastic bags down the far end of Dollymount Beach. Our efforts have not been in vain. Further updates coming soon. September 2018.

Dollymount Plastic LitterPlastic now embedded in the sand near the Seal sanctuary on Dollymount Beach in August 2018. This issue has been reported twice to Dublin City Council but still no action to address the issue.

Syringes on Dollymount

This is 2 of 5 syringes removed from a clean up on Dollymount in Oct 2018.

Bull Island Action Group

Working hard on World Environment Day June 5 2018 with the Bull Island Action Group.

Dollymount Clean Up

Dollymount Clean Up 2

At the northern tip of Dollymount is a wild bird and seal sanctuary. It’s therefore crucial that this end of the beach is clean and protected. I recently disassembled this plastic monstrosity down the far end of the beach on a clean up in July 2018 .

Every Sunday Cliff Diving Ireland dive of the cliffs in Howth. We also make sure to clean up the frequent mess left by others after the good summer weather. July 2018.

Dollymount Clean Up 2

An entire tent dug out of the sand at the far end of Dollymount on a clean up in July 2018.

Dollymount Clean up

Dollymount sand dunes. March 2018.

Rubbish overflowing in St Anne’s Park, Raheny. Our beloved park is falling victim to rubbish as little or no action is taken to monitor and clean rubbish in the park. Again, community groups are left to fill the shortfall and clean the park.

St Annes Park Clean Up

A 2 minute clean up in St Anne’s Park Raheny turns into 2 hours picking up huge amounts of litter near Watermill Road.

Dollymount litter clean up

Plastic bags washed up on Dollymount Beach after the Beast From the East storm hit Dublin. Feb 2018.

Dollymount Beach clean up

Nature reserve at the far end of Dollymount approaching sunset. Feb 2018.

Dunne Stores retro plastic bag green

An old Dunnes Stores bag possibly from around the early 1990s dug out from the far end of Dollymount beach. This shows that once plastics are embedded in our environment they are not leaving or breaking down.

Kids Litter Picking Dollymount Beach Clean Up

Young kids joining a group clean up near the nature reserve area on Dollymount Beach. March 2018.

Bull Island Beach Clean Up Raheny

Dollymount Strand just before sunset. January 2018.

Sutton Beach Clean Up Litter

Plastics and rubbish washed up on Burrow Beach Sutton, Dublin. January 2018.

Howth Clean-ups Dublin

Howth Pier after a clean up in November 2017.

Howth litter Clean up Dublin

Litter at Howth Pier. January 2017.

Bull Island Clean-ups

Bull Island Action group beach clean-up in May 2017.

Kids beach clean up Dublin

It may be cliched but kids literally are the future. Dollymount Beach Clean up September 2017.

Howth Beach Clean Up

Beautiful sunset off Howth Harbour after a small clean up on a cold March evening in 2018.

Bull Island Beach Clean Up

Beach Cleans remove stuff like this from the sands. Dollymount 2016.

Howth Clean Up

View from Howth Cliff walk after a short clean up in December 2017.

Dublin Canal Clean up

Rubbish near the convention center on a Dublin Canal Clean Up in 2017.

Dublin wakes up. The view at 6.30am on a clean up on Dollymount Beach in April 2018.


Plastic bags are now embedded in the sands of Dollymount. I have made Dublin City Council aware of this in April 2018, but still no action. A tractor is needed to pull the bags out as the sand is too heavy for them to be collected on a regular clean up.

Dollymount Clean up

Dollymount beach on a 30 minute evening clean in May 2018.

Bull Island Clean Up

Removing plastic bags from the far end of Dollymount Beach for World Environment Day May 2018.

Dollymount Clean Up

Entrance to Dollymount Beach on a clean up in July 2018.