• 2008: 3 week camel and foot trek. Sahara Desert – Algeria Tamanarrasset – Tefedest – Immidir Region. Mt Hoggar Ascent.

  • 2012: Everest Base Camp Trek – 10 days completed to Everest Base camp, Nepal. Kallapathar 5,643 m

  • 2013: Muztagh Ata High Altitude Climb. Achieved 7,000m altitude. Returned to base Camp due to fractured left toe and frostbite. Xinjiang Province, China.

  • 2014: 5,000 kilometer cycle from Zhuhai ( Southern China) to Urqumi ( Western China). Completed in 57 days and crossed China from South to West. ( Sponsored by Vaude China)

  • 2015: Achieved 4,800 m altitude by bike in Tagong Grasslands area of Sichuan Province China.

  • 2018: Gaelforce West 23 kms Run, 42km cycle and 1km Kayak – June 2018. Time here

  • 2020: Planning to compete in the Marathon Des Sables in 2020. In 2020 it will be the 35th anniversary of the Marathon so getting registered may be tricky. If its not possible to make registration then I might consider the 2019 or 2021 races. If any Irish runners or adventurers are interested in joining me please get in Contact with me.

Phil is also a member of the Irish Mountain Running Association racing number 1912.


57 Days across China ( Chinese Documentary) 

Running in a remote stretch of Connemara West Ireland for Gaelforce West 2018.

Before crossing a Glacier on Muztagh Ata mountain in 2013. Xinjiang China.

Descending Croagh Patrick mountin during Gaelforce West 2018.

Camping in remote Gansu Province on a cycle across China 2014.


Cycling through the mountains of Shanxxi Province. China 2014.

Cycling across the Maamtrasna mountains in remote Connemara for Gaelforce West 2018